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Gapblue is proud to announce our participation and presence in the 20th edition Bangalore HR Summit 2021 hosted by the Institute of HRD on December 10th and 11th, 2021. Our participation is equally exciting as we are also the Gold sponsors for the event this year. It truly is an honor to gather together amidst renowned organizations and highly reputed HR professionals across the globe to discuss on the theme Vision 2030:HR Agenda.

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Amongst some eminent individuals will be our very own Co-Founder and Director Mr.Sudeep Chandran as one of the speakers, representing the Gapblue fraternity to introduce our product - Goals Gnie Application-Modernizing Performance Management, to the audience, while also sharing other valuable insights on the event theme and related sub-themes. This two day event is going to be all about reiterating, strategizing and sharing innovative ideas with other powerhouses of knowledge. We are sure to enjoy the two day summit with absolutely fruitful discussions, while also making connections with thought leaders and professionals in various HR Functionalities. Stay tuned to this space while we share pictures and videos of the much-awaited summit to come!